Good, it’s Friday. Best if it’s Sunday.

Bargain hunter I am. Egg hunter I am not.

Easter is around the corner, and the only egg hunt I’ll doing will be for cage free ones at the grocery store. While I do not celebrate the occasion, I do find it necessary to sip bottomless mimosas at brunch whilst wearing my Sunday best. And a Sunday best would not be complete without some sort of headpiece.

I recently stumbled upon All Things Vintage, a darling vintage boutique nestled in one of Oakland’s neighborhoods. Walking into the shop, I felt as though I took a step back into the ghost of fashions past. They had tons of hats, and a pretty floral pillbox one caught my eye. Although I was looking for something sturdier, made of wool or felt, the floral arrangement on this look-at-me red was too adorable to resist. After a quick lesson by the shop owners, Lucy and Claudia, on how to wear the hat (I do what with the combs? Is the hairpin optional?), I was ready to begin mixing and matching outfits to wear with it.

I wanted to keep my ensemble interesting, without taking attention away from the busy hat. I chose a high waisted red pencil skirt and an open knit white cardigan to go with it. Alas, Easter wouldn’t be complete without a peep of yellow, in the form of a silky blouse. I love how it peek-a-boos through the cardigan, creating the illusion of a printed pattern while also adding textural depth. Except for the blouse and shoes, everything is thrifted!

Hey Cadbury, where my peeps at?

7 thoughts on “Good, it’s Friday. Best if it’s Sunday.

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