Peachy in Shades of Grey

Although I do not own many shades of grey in my closet, instead preferring beiges and creams, grey is certainly a versatile neutral that can be worn with almost anything. My favorite hue to go with grey is peach. I accidentally paired these two colors together one day, and now they are inseparable.

I am an absolute cardigan fanatic, so when I spied this grey number at Ross (do you love it?) with all the loop-de-loops, I just had to have it. It goes in perfect harmony with the vintage peach colored blouse with grey polka dots from mommy dearest. I tied a thrifted navy blue scarf in an ascot knot to offset the light color palette and secured it with a vintage scarf clip. The floral pattern at the ends of the scarf also adds another element of fun to the outfit. What shoes should I wear to trek around in the forest? Grey suede heels of course!

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