The (flower) Power Suit: Part 1

I love me an 80s themed party. There’s just something inherently fun about getting decked out in the most ridiculous fashion (leg warmers, stirrup pants, Members Only jackets – pick your poison) and dancing to Madonna and The Cure that gets me pumped up.

For these reasons, I have a love/hate relationship with vintage fashion from this decade. I love it because some of the silhouettes from the 1980s are borrowed from the 1940s. I hate it because everything else is…quite “interesting” looking, to say the least.

Luckily for all you 80s fashion lovers out there, I found myself with feelings of love when I purchased this silk flower power suit (for only $6!). I fell in love with the brightly colored pattern; it looks almost like flower camouflage. Although this suit is like, totally 80s, I was able to overlook it after I detached the shoulder pads. Originally a double-breasted jacket, I removed the second row of buttons to give it an asymmetrical flair. I enjoy the subtle side peplum on the jacket, which is a 1940s silhouette. And who doesn’t love a pencil skirt? Certainly not I.

I pity the fool who wears a suit as a…..suit.

Happy April Fools’ Day! Did you really think I would wear this ensemble as it was meant to be worn? Stay tuned if you want to see how I wear these as separates.

One thought on “The (flower) Power Suit: Part 1

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