Chic Vic

Even blogs need a makeover from time to time.

Http:// was simply a too much of a mouthful for people to handle, and for me to say. Quite frankly, I was tired of seeing another Victoria’s Style Secrets blog come up on Google instead of mine. So, I spent many a day thinking of a domain name that was available, easy to remember and spell, and most importantly, still represent me and my witticisms. My ah-ha moment literally came to me on a rainy day while I was on the toilet (I kid you not): Chic Vic was born.

Fear not, readers! I may have a new site name and new look, but I promise to continue to deliver the same great fashion, style, and humor in my posts!

I’m not sure if I can upload a permanent banner photo, so here are the shoes from the old Victoria’s Style Secrets site for you to delight over.


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