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Pumps, peep-toes, platforms, slingbacks, stilettos…with so many shoes to choose from, it’s no wonder I’m still missing a d’Orsay in my life.

A traditional d’Orsay shoe is a pump with a closed toe and covered heel. But here’s the kicker in these classy kicks: the sides of the vamp are cut out to expose the arch of the foot. These days, the d’Orsay style comes in a variety of heel heights and types such as flats, kitten heels, wedges, and peep toes to boot.

Shoes 19th century d'orsay

Edwardian silk d’Orsay slippers, 19th century

There’s something je ne sais quoi about a d’Orsay pump that makes it so chic, perhaps because of its French origins. It is thought that the shoe is named after Count Alfred d’Orsay, a 19th century French artist with an impeccable style. Once upon a time, men wore pumps, and a common problem they encountered was gaping on the sides due to wide feet and ill fitting shoes. D’Orsay came up with the genius idea of cutting out the sides for a better fit, giving birth to the dandy d’Orsay pump we know today.

D’Orsay pumps are considered to be a sexy shoe, but wearer beware, it comes with a price. To prevent the foot from slipping out, the shoes are sometimes designed a little tighter than usual. Combine this with the pointy toe, and your feet will be cursing merde in the name of fashion.

Chic Vic

Even blogs need a makeover from time to time.

Http://victoriasstylesecrets.wordpress.com was simply a too much of a mouthful for people to handle, and for me to say. Quite frankly, I was tired of seeing another Victoria’s Style Secrets blog come up on Google instead of mine. So, I spent many a day thinking of a domain name that was available, easy to remember and spell, and most importantly, still represent me and my witticisms. My ah-ha moment literally came to me on a rainy day while I was on the toilet (I kid you not): Chic Vic was born.

Fear not, readers! I may have a new site name and new look, but I promise to continue to deliver the same great fashion, style, and humor in my posts!

I’m not sure if I can upload a permanent banner photo, so here are the shoes from the old Victoria’s Style Secrets site for you to delight over.