Pleatha Please!

Pleatha makes everything betta.

I had always been subconsciously looking for a nice fitted leather bomber jacket, but never wanted to pay the price for it. It also seemed like an impractical purchase. So, I turned to pleather. Many of the options out there for pleather jackets are often very cheap looking or too juniorsy in style for me. Le sigh, will I ever find The One?

My prayers were answered by Urban Outfitters; a decent looking pleather jacket exists! I stumbled upon this gem at their famous 50% off sale. I love the feminine silhouette of this jacket, and how it fits my frame so snuggly. The quilted seam detailing, zippers at the sleeves, and collarless look can say, “simply chic,” or even “Where’s my Harley?” when worn with the appropriate coordinating pieces.

I chose the “simply chic” ensemble and paired the jacket with another animal component, the leopard print. I found this awesome knit DVF skirt at Buffalo Exchange. Not only does she make a mean wrap dress, but this skirt will flatter your assets for days.

No animals were harmed during the writing of this post.

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