Beautiful Little Fool

That’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool . . . ” – Daisy Buchanan

I guess you can call me a beautiful little fool for attempting to rival the looks of Ms. Daisy Fay. After all, she wears the finest pearls that money and buy and has two men vying for her love. Who wouldn’t be jealous?

Perhaps one of the most popular fashion decade amongst vintage experts and amateurs alike is the flapper style of the Roaring 20s. The style of this decade consisted of shapeless shift dresses with boxy straight cut silhouettes. Gone were the constricting corsets of past eras, and this was the first time there was so much exposure of the arms and legs. Shoes also became important in the outfit, as they now were visible because of the shorter hemlines. Mary Janes and T-straps were the popular shoes of this era, with their aesthetically pleasing design and practicality for dancing.

After watching The Great Gatsby, I was inspired to get jazzy and celebrate the 20s while I am still in my 20s. I got this awesome sequined wool top during my solo trip to Toronto a few months back. Not only does it shine and sparkle under the lights, but also when I move, the sequins rustle like the sound of leaves blowing on the treetops during a breezy autumn day. I wore it over my LBD, and with my already boyish figure, I suddenly created a flapperesque silhouette of a dress. Add some gold T-strap heels and a velvet turban headband (I used a strip of fabric scrap), and I am ready to do the Charleston all through the night. I probably could’ve used one strand – or ten – of pearls, since the 1920s look isn’t complete without tons of costume jewelry. Oh, what a fool I am!

vintage sequined tank (sequin option here) / We Who See T-strap heels (similar) / DIY velvet turban headband (tutorial here)

The Great Gatsby

His name was Jay Gatsby and he threw the most lavish parties.

I know I’m a month behind the times, but I finally watched Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby. Oh how I would’ve loved to live during the great Jazz Age just to experience the booze, the dancing, and the fashion of the roaring 20s. Who doesn’t want confetti dumped on them from a huge champagne bottle?

The movie was a spectacle of bright colors, fast moving scenes, and dramatic theatrics. Even more stunning were the costumes: the dresses, hats, accessories, suits, and hairstyles. Words cannot describe the glorious outfits, which were designed by Catherine Martin in collaboration with Prada and Brooks Brothers. Nevermind if the movie itself was a disappointment and the character development lacking, but at least the costumes and fashions were a feast for the eyes. Martin’s version of the 1920s style translated easily to present day and were freshly modern yet retro at the same time. The soundtrack is also to die for: with Jay-Z as executive producer, the music is worthy of much more than just jazz hands.

Alright old sport, I’ve received my invitation, now all I have to figure out is what to wear to the party.