A Tower of Giraffes

No two giraffes have the same spotted pattern, just like how no two vintage items are alike. And it goes without saying, no other fashion blogger is quite like Chic Vic.

OOTD fashion style

I have dreams about going on an African safari someday, to see lions in their natural habitat, to watch a heard of wildebeest by the watering hole, and to hear the thunderous trumpet of elephants big and small. The glowing sun sets on an outstretched endless horizon, outlining the majestic silhouette of baobab trees before it melts into the earth to give way to a starry, starry night.

But since that trip remains but a distant dream for now, this giraffe blouse will have to quell my wanderlust.

Urban Outfitters sunglasses (similar) | vintage head wrap (similar) | vintage coat (similar) | vintage blouse (similar) | Express jeans (similar) | Urban Outfitters shoes (similar) | tortoise shell bangle (similar)

OOTD fashion style

A tower of giraffes roam freely along the hem of this vintage blouse, their lithe spotless bodies in solid hues seemingly in motion as if we were observing them from a far distance. The orange, brown and cream colors match equally well with my tortoise shell accents and my printed headscarf in the same color scheme. I juxtapose the soft luster of the blouse and headscarf with a heavily textured cream coat from the 1960s. Though unfit for an African safari, this outfit is perfect for a mild autumn day.

OOTD fashion style

One Shift Dress, Two Ways

Fashion Style Shift Dress

When is a shift dress not just a shift dress? I ponder the all-important question of whether or not I should keep my pants on for some shifty business.

Look 1: H&M dress (similar) | necklace (similar) | pashmina (similar) | vintage Levi’s (similar) | bangles (similar) | vintage clutch (similar) | vintage heels (similar) | Urban Outfitters sunglasses (similar)

Look 2: H&M dress (similar) | H&M necklace (similar) | pashmina (similar) | Me Too heels (similar) |Urban Outfitters sunglasses (similar)

Fashion Style Shift Dress

I love shift dresses for their easy shapeless silhouette, which seems to be made for a not-so-easy shapeless silhouetted gal such as myself. I wore this dress to a summer wedding a couple of years ago, and it was the best decision ever. While everyone else was restricted by their fitted frocks, I was able to let myself go at the buffet line until I passed out from sheer gluttony.

Recently, I was rifling through my closet searching for something summery to wear when I heard the familiar croak of my feathered friend. I had so much fun at that wedding – won’t you please wear me again?

Fashion Style Shift Dress

With a blueprint of a tropical paradise serving as the backdrop, the orange-beaked toucan and two birds of a feather in flight invite me into their lush oasis. Flowers and fruit come alive in tangy color pops as juicy as fresh squeezed orange juice on a hot summer day. Oh yes, I rediscovered this dress just in time for summer. But I have different plans for you this time around, my dear toucan.

I’m taking the “dress” out of the shift dress and ditching shaven legs for a roomy pair of mom jeans. The hem of my tropical shift meets my vintage Levi’s in a concrete jungle combination. I wrap my head around a head wrap with stacks on stacks on stacks of bangles upon my wrists. Meanwhile, the toucan is tucked snuggly against my waistband, his orange beak just barely peeking out to observe the world around him.

A tropical paradise in a pair of mom jeans. Shifty business indeed.

Fashion Style Shift Dress

A Sixties Summer


I’ve had many summers I loved, but none more than the one I’m presently in.

This is my summer of love around the world. For the past few months I have been roaming away from home. Whether it is climbing a mountain, exploring a village, or eating local specialties in another country, I am fulfilling my heart’s desire of wanderlusting.

Although my surroundings are always changing, one thing remains constant: while summer has barely began, I’ve been feeling the heat for some time now. I don’t particularly like sweltering and turning brown in the sun, but I do look forward to saying aloha to my collection of summer dresses when I return home.

pashmina turned headwrap (similar) / vintage maxi (similar) / mixed bangles (similar) / Urban Outfitters sunglasses (similar) / Ecote heels (similar)


From the archives is one of my faves. This 1960s maxi begs for a fun time at a tiki bar where I can cool down over a flaming scorpion bowl. The stinger in this outfit? A head wrap in the same punchy bright fuchsia that matches the bold watercolor haze of the dress. I had a little too much fun over accessorizing the outfit, stacking on more bangles than I would normally wear. But when one channels the 1960s, one must go with a bang, or several.

This dress is definitely made for a summer of love.

IMG_8700 IMG_8724

Winter: That’s a Wrap!

I know it’s officially the first day of spring, but I am finding it difficult to part ways with winter, especially since we barely had one in California. As a fashionista with a coat obsession, this was the ultimate curse. So many coats, jackets, and sweaters untouched this season! Winter, this is my last ode to you.

The mild California winter allowed me to wear my mid-weight items without feeling frigid, such as this poncho. The perfect length for my petite frame, this poncho was a souvenir purchase from my trip to Mexico last December. The taupe hue and allover geometric pattern made it a fast staple in my closet.

Inspired to go for a tribal look, I tried a head wrap on a whim. My only practice was in the reflection of my car window right before the photoshoot. Please excuse my elementary attempt, as there is no method to the madness going on atop my head. This green scarf is a souvenir from my trip to Peru a couple of years ago. Both the scarf and poncho hold a special place in my heart and in my closet, as they were both lovingly curated from my world travels.

What do you think of the head wrap? Chic Vic or not?

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, and goodbye to winter. And that’s a (head) wrap!

Peruvian scarf (similar scarf) / Mexican poncho / 5733 graphic tee (similar graphic tee) / BDG jeans (similar jeans) / Vintage Cobbie Cuddler boots (similar boots) / Daiso sunglasses (similar sunglasses)


Yo momma’s so big they call her Mother Earth. Oh snap!

Bad joke aside, Earth Day is near, and that means it’s time to put on some gloves and do the earth some good, whether it is picking up litter, cleaning the creek, or repainting a local community center.

Even if you aren’t able to dedicate that day to any of those activities, that’s okay. Because you really should be showing Mother Earth you care with your daily contributions: make sure the recycling has recyclables only, use reusable bags, throw food scraps and other biodegradable items into the compost bin, and don’t litter! Remember this mantra: recycle, reduce, reuse, rot. Repeat!

My 1950s outfit was inspired by Earth Day, albeit I will likely be wearing something less than blog-worthy in any actual dirty activities. Once again, I sourced a vintage top from mommy dearest. Just short of a tunic, I love the casual relaxed fit and the multi colored windowpane print makes this anything but a boring shirt. The ties at the sleeves are a fun and practical detail – I’m ready to roll up them up and get my elbows a little dirty. I paired it with my relaxed fit jeans and some easy mini-wedge canvas slip-ons. A headwrap is a must for this look. I found an excuse to use my repurposed Starbucks coffee bag purse that I got for free at a yard sale some years ago – just one example of something getting a second chance at life and saved from a landfill. Mother Earth is smiling.

So be an Earth Day ho, grab a hoe, and get knee deep in the weeds.

shirt (similar here, here, + here)/headwrap (similar here + here)/shoes (similar herehere, +  here)