Yo momma’s so big they call her Mother Earth. Oh snap!

Bad joke aside, Earth Day is near, and that means it’s time to put on some gloves and do the earth some good, whether it is picking up litter, cleaning the creek, or repainting a local community center.

Even if you aren’t able to dedicate that day to any of those activities, that’s okay. Because you really should be showing Mother Earth you care with your daily contributions: make sure the recycling has recyclables only, use reusable bags, throw food scraps and other biodegradable items into the compost bin, and don’t litter! Remember this mantra: recycle, reduce, reuse, rot. Repeat!

My 1950s outfit was inspired by Earth Day, albeit I will likely be wearing something less than blog-worthy in any actual dirty activities. Once again, I sourced a vintage top from mommy dearest. Just short of a tunic, I love the casual relaxed fit and the multi colored windowpane print makes this anything but a boring shirt. The ties at the sleeves are a fun and practical detail – I’m ready to roll up them up and get my elbows a little dirty. I paired it with my relaxed fit jeans and some easy mini-wedge canvas slip-ons. A headwrap is a must for this look. I found an excuse to use my repurposed Starbucks coffee bag purse that I got for free at a yard sale some years ago – just one example of something getting a second chance at life and saved from a landfill. Mother Earth is smiling.

So be an Earth Day ho, grab a hoe, and get knee deep in the weeds.

shirt (similar here, here, + here)/headwrap (similar here + here)/shoes (similar herehere, +  here)