Puttin’ in Pleats

I’m a good sport about putting balls into holes. Any stroke will do it, right?

From the conservative dress of the 1800s, to the short hemlines of the 1960s, women’s fashion in sports reflected societal norms of dress of the time. As more women participated in sports, there grew a demand for practicality and functionality for they needed the same ease of movement as men. Restrictive forms of clothing gave way to the sportier and shorter silhouettes seen today.

I recently had the opportunity to try my hand at golf for the very first time. Interestingly, golf began as a social club for young men and women to meet each other. Thus, it was important for women to be dressed to impress should they encounter a suitor. For them, golfing was more about the fashion than the sport itself – they were dressed to a (golf) tee.

Nowadays, golfing is purely focused on the sport, but that did not deter me from looking my best on the fairway. Excited to get my Tiger Woods on (in the pro-golf sense), I seized this opportunity as an excuse to wear my tennis dress.

Daiso hat (similar hat) / vintage tennis dress (similar dress) / thrifted shoes (similar shoes)

Yes, I said tennis dress. But the sport is golf, no? While the sports are different, they do share some commonalities in their fashion evolution whether it be long sleeved blouses, rising hemlines, or sweater cardigans. I feel this dress could probably work in the game of golf. The little drop waist pleats must’ve been made for this game as one has to stick their butt out quite a bit just to putt the ball. Pass me the wood please!

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet any potential suitors on the fairway and failed to make a hole in one. Where’s a caddy when you need one? I guess I need to step up my game or just stick to driving the golf cart. Fore!

The Old Lady by the Seafoam Green

I have a lot of old lady tendencies. I sleep early. I drink warm water instead of ice water. I like to sew. I dress conservatively. Actually I’m just a young lady with an old soul for fresh style. And nothing says fresh as a spring breeze by the sea better than seafoam green.

I picked up this minty fresh 1960s beauty in a dimly lit basement of a vintage shop on my recent trip to Toronto. I was immediately drawn first to the beautiful color of this dress, and second to the chiffon-like material. I admit I felt a bit like a flower girl due to the youthful empire waist, bow at my back, and flowers under my bust, but for only $10, I couldn’t pass it up.

I consider myself a fashionista of sorts, but even so, I was stumped at what to wear with this dress, especially the shoes. Gold or silver metallic? Definitely no black. Perhaps white shoes to go with the white flowers? When all else fails, I stick to a simple nude pump.

I kept the accessories simply light and bright to go with the springtime airy feel of the dress: a single strand of white pearls, sparkly white floral clip on earrings, and one blue floral cloisonné bangle. Easy breezy!

seafoam green dress (similar here and here)

Seafoam Green