When in doubt, crop it out

There are just 14 days until the start of summer and I’m already experiencing hot flashes. How can I keep my cool during these heat waves? When in doubt, crop it out.

I’m not inclined to bare it all unless I’m in Vegas. However, when the temperature reaches the mid 80s, a cropped top is a perfect way stay cool and shows off a little skin without feeling too exposed. Not to mention it’s an excellent solution to get some color in your midsection, if you don’t mind a funny tan line.

My aunt was cleaning out her closet and I became the lucky recipient of her groovy 1960s two-piece dress. The openness of the sleeves is not only stylishly cute, but has a functional purpose, for it serves as a much needed ventilation to my overheating body. This photo shoot was taken in the late afternoon, with the sun beaming down on me, and not a shady spot in sight. I think I might be too hot to handle, quite literally.

Is it hot out here or is it just me?

two-piece vintage dress (similar top & skirt) / vintage heels (similar here & here)

7 thoughts on “When in doubt, crop it out

    • Aw, thank you! Yes, she is an awesome aunt. It’s hard for me to imagine her as a groovy 60s child. Thanks for stopping by, please stay tuned for more fun posts!

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