Trick or Treat?

Freaks come out at night, and especially on Halloween in the form of sexy [insert occupation here] costumes for the females.

If dressing up as a risqué superhero isn’t your cup of tea, but you still want to get into the spirit, there is hope for you. Take the typical black and orange ensemble: accessorize it with tiny skull details in the necklace and knuckle ring clutch. Finish it off with a pair of glitzy skull pumps which are definitely a treat, and also oh-so appropriate for Día de los Muertos. It’s such a stylish outfit, no one will ever know that you’re secretly dressed for the ghostly occasion.

Dressing for Halloween is not at all scary. Trick or Treat!

Black peplum topOrange pantsSkull pumpsGreen clutch / Skull necklace

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