Roy G. Biv says: Hello, Uniqlo

Uniq – what? Meet the new guy in town, Uniqlo, who just moved into the old DSW location on Powell Street in downtown San Francisco. In case you’ve been living under a rock, their grand opening on October 5th caused a shopping frenzy like no other: a side street was closed off to corral eager shoppers all day, security guards acted like bouncers at a night club, and the long lines lasted well after the grand opening weekend had passed.

Unlike their trendier neighbor H&M across the street, Uniqlo is a Japanese retailer who is all about delivering casual, comfy, and quality basics to their consumers, Roy G. Biv style. Think of them like the Gap, only they aren’t trying so hard to be trendy. With an endless supply of the colors of the rainbow throughout the store, I was sure I would find my pot of gold somewhere.

I finally had the chance to check them out two weeks after they opened and I was utterly surprised that there was no line. I headed straight for the coveted straight skinny colored jeans on promo for $9.90 a pair – but to my dismay, it was slim pickings for a slim pair. I moped around the store and almost settled on a pair of jeggings when I spied a pot of gold in the form of a tiny bin marked “clearance.” There were only a few items in there, mostly stained or damaged in some way, but that is where I found my two pairs of skinny colored denim in my size. They were “damaged” because the alteration must’ve been too short for whoever it was originally meant for, but they were my perfect inseam. Did I mention they hem your pants in house for just $5?

I’ve come to the conclusion that this is an excellent place to shop with your significant other. Not only do they have every color imaginable, but because of their very basic designs, it is easy to get a male and a female version of the same thing. Sadie Hawkins attendees, your prayers have been answered!

Although I’m not a fan of plain basic aka boring pieces, they do have their place in my closet. My favorites so far: ultra stretch color jeans, ultra light down jackets & vests, all of their coats, Heattech lounge wear, and cashmere sweaters.

I’ve always been a dark denim type of gal, but I’ve finally jumped on the colored jeans bandwagon. My final purchases: 2 pairs of colored jeans (red and green), 1 pair of regular jeans, and 1 navy blouse for a grand total of $30. It must be the luck of the Irish; just call me Victoria O’Brien from now on.

How do you like my wild prints paired with the colored pairs? Rawr!

6 thoughts on “Roy G. Biv says: Hello, Uniqlo

  1. I wondered what that store was like, but had never entered it due to the intimidating colors in the windows. You’ve inspired me to check it out next visit to SF. Thanks V!

    • Thanks for reading! Uniqlo is great for basic items. Although it is a bit pricey for this bargainista’s pocketbook, they are good investment pieces, such as the cashmere sweater or the down jacket. The silhouettes are also very simple and are neither in or out of style.

  2. I have the green denim as well, but unfortunately I did not get them hemmed! It was too crazy that day, but you definitely lucked out! You can now check out their online shopping site that launched a week or so ago! Happy shopping! 🙂

  3. I love uniqlo! Jealous you have one in the neighborhood – nothing here in seattle. Thankfully they’re online now! Super cute colored jeans, I scooped up 5 pairs of bright leggings there last time I was in NY 🙂

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