I’m talking about Mothers In Lovely Fashion of course.

Oh, to be a celebrity mom, or rather, to be a celebrity kid! Whether it is designer outfits for toddlers who can barely utter Louis Vuitton, trendy Mohawk hairstyles on a five year old, or unconventional names like Apple, you’ve got to hand it to these hot mommas. Not only are their kids impeccably dressed, but they also make motherhood look glamorous in stilettos.

When I look back at old photos of my mom, I realize that she too, was once very fashionable – even sporting a very stylish short perm in her prime. In recent years however, she has opted more for comfort and practicality with regard to her outfit choices and appearance. This has made it harder to figure out what to give her on special occasions like Mother’s Day. Like many selfless mothers out there, she actually prefers not to receive any gifts. Beyond everything, all mommy dearest wants is just to spend time with her children, which is priceless and cannot be replaced with material things. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting her a little something special.

Whether you spend a couple of dollars or a few hundred, no matter a big fancy gift or a small token of love, you can be sure it will put a smile on her face because it came from you. Need some gift giving ideas? Here are my picks for Mother’s Day for all budgets.

Besides a hug and a kiss, how will you celebrate Mother’s Day?

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