Picnic Chic

There’s only one thing that can stand between me and grass stains. Think picnic.


Red gingham print conjures up images of the quintessential picnic, complete with a wicker basket, a spread of delectable snacks and refreshments, and of course, a row of ants stealing crumbs of food in a perfect assembly line, just like in cartoons. And because nobody likes grass stains, all of this couldn’t take place without lying atop a cheery red and white gingham printed picnic blanket.


Gingham was having a moment in the spring, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t continue into the summer. I looked past all the 80’s elements of this dress with a few snips, stitches, and simple modifications. With a thinner, more elegantly striped gingham pattern, who knew such sweetness could belie in a frilly, puffy sleeved, and shoulder padded number? I pinned open the otherwise buttoned up prude collar with a pretty little 60’s enamel daisy brooch. No wicker basket here, but a jute bucket bag will do just fine.

In the process of putting together this outfit, I remembered the flowers, but forgot my sandwich. I guess you can say I’m one sandwich short of a picnic.

shoes / hat / bucket bag / skirt / belt / blouse

Red Gingham copy IMG_8639

Chevron for Velma

Get that pinky in the air because it’s time for some afternoon tea – would you like a Scooby Snack with that?

Although I always felt it was highly unrealistic that a bunch of meddling kids were able to solve not-so-ghostly mysteries, I still loved watching old school Scooby Doo cartoons. I used to actually believe Scooby snacks were dog treats and nothing else.

My favorite character was Daphne, with her red hair, green scarf, and chic purple shift dress. Yet for this post, I decided to channel Velma, the less glam, but more intelligent female in the Scooby gang. This was my chance to give Velma a style makeover. Let’s start by ditching the baggy turtleneck sweater and pleated schoolgirl skirt.

I stumbled upon this groovy 1960s dress at a yard sale one day. The deep orange color is true to Velma’s style. The white chevron pattern adds some dimension to the dress, and is a far improvement to Velma’s drab solid orange uniform. I introduced a new color to her outfit – a pop of green in the form of a beaded necklace with a brooch pinned to it. There is nothing ruh-roh about this outfit.

Move over Daphne, there’s a new fashionable female in the Mystery Machine. You can blame this meddling stylist!

vintage dress (similar chevron blouse, skirt, dress) / Claire’s necklace (similar) / vintage brooch (similar) / Pour la Victoire pumps (similar)