The Great Cape Her

It’s official: winter has arrived to the Northern Hemisphere. From here on out, days will slowly become lighter and chillier. It seems almost villainous to be wearing only a cape in December, but that’s a California winter for you.

Although a cape can be rather drafty and not as warm as a coat, my solution is to layer a wool cardigan underneath. It adds minimal bulk under the cape and the natural wool fibers provide maximum warmth while staying stylish. I just so happened to have a cardigan in the exact same hue as the cape – a match made in heaven indeed. Fur makes everything feel cozier, so I took a fur collar off another jacket, and pinned it to the cape. I finished the outfit with a pair of mean green jeans, and saddle shoes that tie into the cream and green colors of the outfit. I heart their heart shaped buckles.

Shero Chic Vic to the rescue, saving unsuspecting would be train wreck fashion victims from their ultimate doom on the railroad tracks. All aboard the best dressed express!

vintage cape (similar) / Urban Outfitters tee (similar) / vintage cardigan (similar) / Uniqlo jeans (similar here and here) / Bass shoes (similar) / ankle socks

Dressed to a Tee

Even this vintagenista likes to wear a casual tee shirt every now and then. How about a tee that represents the city from which I was born and raised? Oakland, smokin’.

I got this awesome tee shirt at fiftyseven-thirtythree, an Oakland based apparel company that specializes in not your mom’s screen-printed graphic tees and artwork oozing with street edge. Although paying $30 for a tee shirt is steep in my opinion (those funds could go towards a vintage dress!), at least it supports local business. Lucky for me, I happened to chance upon this grapefruit hued shirt in the bargain bin. I got five on it! Or more like ten, which is how much I paid for it.

Cardigan (options here + here) / Tee (options here + here + here) / Hat (options here + here)

My favorite thing to do with a casual modern tee shirt is to juxtapose it with feminine elements. I scored this high contrast black and white beaded cardigan at Buffalo Exchange in almost excellent condition, complete with silk lining underneath. Ripped jeans and studded booties complemented my rockin’ vintage look, topped off with a vintage silk pillbox hat and a blingin’ brooch.

Representing Oaktown and vintage at the same time! Oh how I love it.

The Feminine Cardigan

Peachy in Shades of Grey

Although I do not own many shades of grey in my closet, instead preferring beiges and creams, grey is certainly a versatile neutral that can be worn with almost anything. My favorite hue to go with grey is peach. I accidentally paired these two colors together one day, and now they are inseparable.

I am an absolute cardigan fanatic, so when I spied this grey number at Ross (do you love it?) with all the loop-de-loops, I just had to have it. It goes in perfect harmony with the vintage peach colored blouse with grey polka dots from mommy dearest. I tied a thrifted navy blue scarf in an ascot knot to offset the light color palette and secured it with a vintage scarf clip. The floral pattern at the ends of the scarf also adds another element of fun to the outfit. What shoes should I wear to trek around in the forest? Grey suede heels of course!

Green with Envy

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The only time of the year when Elphaba can feel comfortable in her own skin.

Unless it is my favorite lovable funny Irishman, Chris O’Dowd, I would prefer not to get pinched by drunken strangers. Not a problem, as I already have a stylish solution that will make you green with envy. Just call me Chic Shamrock.

Chris O'Dowd

When I first laid eyes on this skirt, it was love at first sight. Being a petite gal, I was pleasantly surprised that it was the right fit in the length – no hemming needed! I knew it was the one because I instantly imagined the countless combinations that I could wear with it. The rich green color and the pleats had my name written all over it.

To get in the spirit of the shamrock, I almost went monochromatic by pairing the skirt with my momma’s vintage muted mint green blouse. And before I knew it, I was paying homage to the Irish flag with cream and a hint of orange in my cardigan (okay, so I cheated with the white). The details in the accessories added the final touch; I especially like how the iridescent chunky beads contrasts with the soft knitted yarn bow made by a friend.

I toast my Guinness to corn beef, cabbage, riverdance, and Chris O’Dowd’s lucky charms.

St Pattys