Short Dress, Long Jacket

I’ve got a mind like a diamond – except when it comes to my vintage materialism.

A dramatic coat of this grand length and volume commands attention. I love the way it swings and swishes as I dash outside. I race through the city streets for no reason, sprint across busy intersections and in between taxis as if I’m running terribly late to an important rendezvous. With a coat so long and prude, who cares what I wear underneath, if anything at all? You know what they say about a lady in the streets: she’s a closet freak. I love closets!

H&M beret (similar) / vintage coat (similar) / vintage dress (similar) / Urban Outfitters knee-highs (similar) / G.H. Bass & Co shoes (similar)

Thanks to daylight savings, I’m waking up to colder and darker mornings that turn into warm afternoons, all the while suffering from sleep depravity due to a lost hour. With the mild winter winding down, and spring on the horizon, teetering between temperature swings in one day can prove challenging when I look into my closet.

I like to play on the juxtaposition of long and short, prude and liberal with this outfit du jour. My vintage wool shift dress is just the answer to this type of nippy weather, along with a pair of knee-highs for a true 1960s vibe. The pleated 1970s coat is just as warm as it is stylish. How warm, you ask? Let’s just say this breezy isn’t worried about a cold breeze.

Who says I can’t have my cake and eat it too?


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