Red Carpet at the Oscars

So I heard there was this thing called the Oscars that I missed out on.

Awkward presenters, teary eyed speeches, musical numbers, red carpet fashion – oh my! I rarely make time to turn on the tube, veg out and be a couch potato. I guess I’m just a desk yam, glued to my chair and table surfing the web.

Award ceremonies beckon Hollywood’s finest suits, gowns, jewels, and perfectly coiffed hairdos. It’s pretty hard for a man to make it to the worst dressed list – they usually cannot go wrong in a clean pressed suit. The women, on the other hand, need a bit more peacocking, if you will, to really steal the spotlight. While there were many actresses that looked just fine on the red carpet, the following ladies won best dressed in my book.

Who are your favorites?

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