2 Legit Knits

I was saving this outfit for a rainy day but did not think that day would come so soon. Dress, tights, and boots – a combination I miss like the deserts miss the rain. So I must do like the dry Californian soil and drink up the wet weather opportunity while it is here.

This awesome 80s lacy eyelet nubby knit dress was another great find from Buffalo Exchange. The body-hugging silhouette combined with the light ivory color makes it possible to see everything going on underneath. I also had to worry about the short hemline. My simple solution: a pair of sweater tights. There’s nothing that a pair of knit tights or opaque leggings can’t fix, especially with short hemlines. The result is a knit on knit combination that is perfectly cozy and makes the outfit appropriate even for work. And that’s legit.

My warm and comfy ensemble wouldn’t be complete without a cozy jacket, so I reached for my canvas parka.  Although real shearling is warmest, this Sherpa lined collar will do just fine – plus, no sheep were harmed in the making of this coat. You can’t say baaaah humbug to that!

And that, my friends, is how you make a splash into the rainy days of spring.

Camaieu parka (similar parka) / vintage dress (similar dress) / Urban Outfitters tights (similar tights) / vintage boots (similar boots) / Urban Outfitters necklace (similar necklace) / Urban Outfitters watch (similar watch) / vintage belt (similar belt)


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