Birthday Suit

Remember when you were a little kid, three months of summer vacation felt so endless? How I long for that feeling of eternity again, but never more! I guess I should just come to terms that as I get older, time will just fly by faster than ever, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. The only thing I can do is to ensure that I look damn good, all the damn time. Take that, time! Ha!

It’s my birthday, folks. I can’t say I am eager to turn a year older, but I am excited to get all dolled up to celebrate with a fancy meal, a cocktail or two, and good company. The question remains, what outfit would be best suited for my celebration, a birthday dress or a birthday suit? The answer: neither! I should wear a birthday tuxedo.

This satiny J. Crew tuxedo jacket has been collecting dust in my closet ever since I bought it years ago, and has never been worn. How perfectly it would go with my crepe tuxedo pants that I recently purchased from Urban Outfitters! My outfit wouldn’t be complete without a vintage touch: a 1950s blouse. The sheer fabric is both alluring and delicately demure. The beading, mini Peter Pan collar, and dainty ribbon bow tie are all details that add to the charm of this blouse. A belt is the extra touch to help any ensemble to look clean and polished, especially on this outfit, which requires tucking layers at the waist. The floral buckle adds a splash of color to the black, white, and red palette.

I was having my photoshoot right before a family dinner. What perfect timing for an impromptu photo session with my dearest and only grandparent remaining? At age 87, my grandma is still in excellent health, and can go on three-hour strolls without getting tired. I guess that is the key to her youth. I am told that I look just like her when she was in her prime. Not only do we look alike, but she also has a great sense of style. She loves to shop at Ross and Salvation Army (my favorite places too!). This outfit she put together herself; I just had to help her adjust and button. I hope to be as healthy and vibrant as she is when I’m in my eighties.

Juvenile was right: I get it from my (grand) mama.

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