Nautical by Nature

Whoever said “It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion in the ocean” obviously has never had motion sickness. Pass the Dramamine please!

It’s that time of year again. Handsome men in uniform flood the streets of San Francisco. Huge ships are docked at the piers. Blue Angels soar high above the city, performing death-defying stunts. That’s right, Fleet Week has arrived. And what better way to get in the spirit than by getting a little naughty? And by naughty, I mean nautical by nature, of course. At ease sailor, at ease!

I didn’t even realize I needed or wanted a long striped skirt in my life until I came across one at a cheapie store during my trip to Chicago last year. It called to me, “Ahoy  matey!” and I was instantly in love. Why stripes? The true original nautical look is a white top with navy stripes, which are also known as Breton stripes. Coco Chanel introduced it to the fashion world in 1917, and the rest is history. It seems that stripes are always a big thing each season, so when I picked up this skirt, I knew that I could wear it for many summers to come. All’s I gotta do now is find me a nice yacht and a captain to throw me a lifesaver. Ahoy!

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