The Great Cape Her

It’s official: winter has arrived to the Northern Hemisphere. From here on out, days will slowly become lighter and chillier. It seems almost villainous to be wearing only a cape in December, but that’s a California winter for you.

Although a cape can be rather drafty and not as warm as a coat, my solution is to layer a wool cardigan underneath. It adds minimal bulk under the cape and the natural wool fibers provide maximum warmth while staying stylish. I just so happened to have a cardigan in the exact same hue as the cape – a match made in heaven indeed. Fur makes everything feel cozier, so I took a fur collar off another jacket, and pinned it to the cape. I finished the outfit with a pair of mean green jeans, and saddle shoes that tie into the cream and green colors of the outfit. I heart their heart shaped buckles.

Shero Chic Vic to the rescue, saving unsuspecting would be train wreck fashion victims from their ultimate doom on the railroad tracks. All aboard the best dressed express!

vintage cape (similar) / Urban Outfitters tee (similar) / vintage cardigan (similar) / Uniqlo jeans (similar here and here) / Bass shoes (similar) / ankle socks

Art Deco the Halls

I can’t seem to get enough of the fashion, the booze, the dancing and the parties that classified the Jazz Era. But while I have my Gatsby outfit all ready to go for my holiday party, I still need to get decked out in some fa la la la la la la la la – in the form of Art Deco jewelry.

Art Deco has its roots in the 1920s and influenced everything from interior design and architecture, to decorative arts, and even jewelry. The main characteristics of Art Deco are the use of geometry, symmetry, ornamentation, and rich colors.

On my wish list from Chloe and Isabel is a little bit of everything: drop earrings, a cocktail ring, a statement necklace, and a stunning bracelet. If you’re not into rockin’ the rhinestones, at bare minimum, you should have some blingin’ barrettes in your perfectly coiffed bob.

Tis’ the season of giving, receiving, and everything in between. If Santa is reading this, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t expect a little surprise in my stocking this year, and it better be shiny.

Art Deco the Halls